Lisa Keogh

Fundraising Will Continue Shortly

Fundraising Statement by The Fundraiser

Service denial to my business by inter alia several payment gateways has resulted in Lisa and I taking further advice.

While we take ongoing advice Lisa and I have both decided in the interim to continue fighting and self fund our legal situation.

For a payment gateway (or any online business providing a service or products in the UK) to refuse service to a disabled, mixed race, homosexual female, that holds a protected belief is likely to bring these companies in contravention of equality law. I am in the process of instructing a legal representative.

Gender Critical beliefs are worthy of protection as was decided in the Maya Forstater case.

It can be argued that a service provider that refuses service to a person/business, particularly one that is already protected under the EA2010 in the UK based on their protected belief is an infringement of the Equality Act 2010.

While we seek to resolve the issues that we are experiencing we ask that you please support our respective small businesses. This means that we can we can make a living and fund our own legal matters.

Later today (18th November 2021) - We will post a more comprehensive statement on our position at

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